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saying by for now :)

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by SHAUN, Oct 22, 2003.

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  1. SHAUN

    SHAUN Guest

    Hey group this my last day posting, I think I have to at least get into some
    electronic courses before I am ready for this group! However it has been
    pleasent learning from you guys and at the same time the conversations were
    great, even if I did not understand half of the lingo. The one thing I did
    learn from here is THE PROPER WAY TO POST IN A NEWSGROUP!!!!!!!!!

  2. ChadMan

    ChadMan Guest

    Best to lurk for a while Shaun! Definitely learn
    the rules of posting! It is well worth it.

    Tempers flare from time to time, as they do with
    any community.

    Don't be afraid of these guys, they put their
    pants on the same way we do: Both beautiful
    blonde girlfriends takes pants out of dresser
    and then put them on me! :^)

    <Reality> Beautiful red head girlfriend takes
    pants out of dresser and throws them at me and
    says "Get your ass out of bed NOW!"</Reality>

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