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Saturn sunroof motor...limit switches?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jstein, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Jstein

    Jstein Guest

    The sunroof in my girlfriends 2001 Saturn SC2 broke back in Aug and I
    was the unlucky recipient of receiving the task of fixing it. I did a
    little research and discovered that thousands of people have had the
    same problem. I purchased the replacement guides from sunroof doctor,
    installed them this weekend and have the module installed back in the

    My question is this:

    Before connecting the motor back up to the unit, the thought occurred
    to me that there is no evident limit switches on the sun roof
    assembly. My first instinct was that there must be limit switches in
    the motor that determine the start and stopping points. To test this,
    I connected all the wiring back the way it was and tested the motor
    (still not installed). To my surprise the motor spins endlessly when
    "open" and "close" are depressed. When "vent" is depressed, the motor
    will sometimes spin 2 revolutions and stop while other times it will
    spin about 5 revs then stop. I find it hard to believe that this is
    this complicated seeing as how many people have claimed to have
    installed the replacement guides and their sunroof is working
    flawlessly. I am weary of installing the motor back in the sunroof
    for fear of breaking something from the motor continuing to rotate.
    Any advice you can give me would be most appreciated. Thanks

  2. Guest

    I don't have a wiring diagram for the vehicle, but it's possible that
    power to the motor is controlled by a current sensor instead of limit
    switches. The current sensor could be built into the switch or be
    part of a chassis control computer.

    The vent position probably isn't fixed, just wherever the sun roof
    stops after a brief application of power to the motor.

    The limit switches could also be magnetic reed switches that are in
    the track assembly (hidden by the headliner) and are only operated
    when the sun roof actually moves past them.

  3. Bob Shuman

    Bob Shuman Guest

    I'd suggest that you ask your question on the sun roof motor on the newsgroup or check for info on the Saturn Fans Forum

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