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Saturable Capacitance

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by ColdSunday, Oct 9, 2018.

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  1. ColdSunday


    Oct 3, 2018
    Hi everyone!
    Lately I was reading in stack exchange a thread of some guy asking for dispositives offering amplification that he can build at home. I was always impressed of that. And I've been some time experimenting with electrolytic triodes and a little bit with Magnetic amplifier / Saturable Reactors buolt from normal transformers. (From Nyle Steiner's blog )

    But in a section of this incredible thread, someone mentioned an actual "Saturable Capacitance". Wich is really interesting. If you have an inductor, and you can make it saturable and thus controllable, Why not having a capacitor and make it saturable so controllable?

    The main problem comes here: I can't find anything on google about this neither on other search engines. Even though by using this " characters for showing only the exact matching queries.

    Do you know something about that? Somewhere I can find some information about this interesting kind of "amplifier"?

    Any information about that is really appreciated. Thx b4.
  2. Ratch


    Mar 10, 2013
    Saturable reactors have been around for a long time. The Nazi Bastards used them extensively in Wild War II (WWII) for many of their electronic amplification needs. Compared to semiconductors, they are expensive, heavy, large, and lower performance. However, they are extremely rugged, reliable, and durable. They are also current amplifiers by them selves, unlike a semiconductor based current amplifier that must be incorporated into a circuit.

    Imagining a capacitor that operates on the same principle is imagination by analogy. It usually does not work. A capacitor has no ability to amplifier voltage or current like a transformer can. And, if you do modulate the dielectric, does that mean a cap can do a better job than something else? Are we talking about something that can be developed into a useful product, or is it just an interesting demonstration?

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