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Satellite Photos

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by TT, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. TT

    TT Guest

    I'm impressed with this.

    The free program is about 10meg and you need a ADSL

    Once loaded put these co-ordinates in.

    33deg 53' 29.75" S
    151deg 07' 54.33" E

    Whose block of flats are these?

    Cheers TT
  2. Mark jb

    Mark jb Guest

    Shame it's not more detailed out from Sydney.
    I get a vague green and brown display for my suburb, and it doesn't gain
    detail as i zoom. Pixelates instead.

  3. Google Earth is the coolest thing since, well, Google.
    Probably responsible for more company downtime than email jokes,
    everywhere I look around the office I see people flying around the

    Unfortunately not all of Sydney is mapped yet. The city, North of the
    city, and West past Prospect haven't been mapped high res yet.
    I'm waiting for the mountains to be mapped high res to get some good
    canyon maps.

    I can see my car in the front driveway of my house - awesome!

    Google Maps uses the same data set but allows viewing with your web
    Type in Sydney and then click on the Sydney link and Satellite view
    (maps aren't working yet).
    This also takes Lat/Long coords directly into the URL.
    Doesn't seem to zoom quite as close as Earth though.

    You can do lots of other stuff with GoogleEarth too, like overlay
    images, waypoints, maps, tracks etc. You can write database backends to
    feed data into the program.

    Dave :)
  4. Mark jb

    Mark jb Guest

    Shame it's not more detailed out from Sydney.

    On this note... Anyone have any good image enhancement software?

    Looking for something that does "Hollywood-style" enhancement, I have photos
    of a specific place that are fairly badly pixelated, and would like
    something that can basically "zoom" it and enhance the quality/resolution of
    the image.

    Like you see on cop shows with a single grainy camera image turning into a
    perfect portrait of the person...Something similar must be out there, but
    the only ones I can find are digital photo enhancement where it enhances
    shadows to bring out colours, and similar crap.

  5. Pete

    Pete Guest

    No image enhancement software can create detail that was not in the
    original image.
    You do realise that TV isn't real, right? *grin*

  6. Mark jb

    Mark jb Guest

    No image enhancement software can create detail that was not in the
    True, but there must be programs out there with algorithms that extrapolate
    the saturation and colour details from surrounding pixels, and figure out
    what the image "should" look like with more detail in it. It would only help
    to a certain degree, but surely it can be done!
    Well, that one's a given.

  7. Sam

    Sam Guest

  8. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    As others have said, there is no such software. The only way it could be
    done would be to take multiple grainy images of the same object and produce
    an image that is basically an average, and probably correct.

    Anything else is, as said, fiction.

  9. Mark jb

    Mark jb Guest

    Why do you think there "must" be such magical programs around. The
    Crap. Was kind of hoping for a silver bullet.

    Figured there must be some program somewhere that does it.
    If not, there will be one someday, the way computers are going!

  10. Alf Katz

    Alf Katz Guest

    True, but there must be programs out there with algorithms that
    Why do you think there "must" be such magical programs around. The
    relationship between a pixellated image and the more detailed image from
    which it is taken is a one to many relationship. A dog, a bear, a
    motorcycle or a large steaming dragon dropping can reduce to the same group
    of four pixels. Which one should this software divine to be the original

    A good introductory text in this area is "Introduction to Information Theory
    and Data Compression" by Hankersson, Harris & Johnson.

    What do exist out there in software land are programs which can extract a
    more detailed image from a series of images (e.g. a number of sattelite
    images of the same target from a slightly different position or of a number
    plate from successive frames of a poor quality video). These are based on
    simple oversampling, nothing magical at all here.

  11. No, there won't. You simply can't make up information like that. There
    is no way to know if a white pixel is a sign saying "No exit", no matter
    how much computer time you throw at it.

    Nicholas Sherlock
  12. Good one Terry. No prizes for guessing who's bed-sit you are referring to.
    Hey that small black plume - isn't another toaster going up in smoke is it?

  13. Yeah, you just gotta love it when you set the magnification slider to max.
    I always had an idea that this is what the moon was really made of.
    Gotta hand it to those Google boys....... :)


  14. TT

    TT Guest

    Nah, another set of Quads I'd say ;-)

    What I did was put a person's name into the White pages, get
    a map reference and zoomed it to match the Google Sat.
    photo. Then zoom them both in and it was quite easy from
    there. Plus it does help that there is a bloody big church
    over the road as a landmark visible from space ;-) Funny in
    a way as it is God's view as well.

    Cheers Terry
  15. Sam

    Sam Guest

    There is a photo currently on the Raine & Horne website of the flats - I
    tried the link but I see it didn't work out. Flat number 2 (not his) at 19
    Prospect Rd is on the market - you could be a neighbour!!

  16. Yeah, imagine living next to YKW !!!
    It would be like living in hell.
    Not to mention the constant comings and goings of "customers" dropping in
    their toasters for repairs and the not so dulcet tones of a pair of squeaky
    ESL57's (on loan thank God).

    There could be some consolation. The new owner / tenant could whip across
    the road and pray for divine intervention or maybe an exorcism?????

  17. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Alan Rutlidge"

    ** Been out toilet trolling or teenage boy molesting today ?

    No luck ??

    ........... Phil
  18. TT

    TT Guest

    Hi Phil, (please see add below)

    I'm always on the lookout for investment properties and this
    sounds rather good. What I can't understand is that you
    always describe it as a dingy bed-sit. The add makes it
    sound quite nice. So doing some calculations and checking
    the rental market there abouts this would have to generate
    something like $350pw in rent. How do you afford it?
    Surely your hobby business with a turn over of less than
    $50k/pa can't sustain that level of outgoings?

    So if the rest of the units are only rented for $200-$250pw,
    as I suspect, it then makes this property over valued by a
    large margin. What would be the chances of beating the
    seller down to about $250K do you think? Of course there is
    the problem of the fire hazard (you), the faulty wiring
    (that you tinker with) and every time the fire brigade comes
    around for a check you have an argument and throw the poor
    guy out! I'm staring to go off the idea already.

    Regards TT

    SUMMER HILL $344,000

    2/19 Prospect Road SUMMER HILL
    Garden Apartment
    A rare find indeed! Located close to the station & Summer
    Hill Village, this 2 bedroom apartment has an internal
    laundry, good sized kitchen, bright open lounge with
    balcony, lock up garage, and a courtyard/ga...
    Bedrooms: 2
    Bathrooms: 1
    Car Spaces: 1
    View details and photos
    Add to shortlist
    Advertiser: Raine & Horne Summer Hill
  19. Sam

    Sam Guest

    Does he rent or own??

    A check with the strata manager Somerville First National at Ashfield would
    give you all the owners names and any problems on the books such as letters
    from tenants or owners. It's a buyers right to know what they are getting

    Various companies can do this for a small fee.
  20. All I saw was a toaster repair shop.

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