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satellite dish

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by rooft, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. rooft

    rooft Guest

    Could a satellite dish used for FTA and pay-TV also be used for
    satellite-internet or would an extra dish be required?
  2. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest


    Not clear if you mean simultaneously or not tho.
  3. SG1

    SG1 Guest

    Different sat...Not a problem it it is motor driven though and you have the
    software to drive it.
  4. Alpha_77DX

    Alpha_77DX Guest

    If you are getting satellite internet professionally installed, you will
    definitely be getting another dish. No installer will attempt to use an
    existing TV dish. The dish will be supplied free along with all the other
    gear, if you qualify for the government subsidy.

    If your attempting a DIY job, and if your a nooby at satellite stuff, you
    will not get it to work.

    The first problem is that satellite ISP's will not supply you with
    equipment. You can buy it off ebay, but you need an installer or ISP to
    program the modem with your login details. It is not like programming an
    ADSL modem.

    You will need at least a 90cm dish. If your TV dish is 65cm it will be too
    small for sat internet. You will also need to replace the TV LNB with a
    satellite two way unit, and mount it so it is focused correctly. It is
    possible to use a splitter on the RX side to get the TV signal, but it will
    need a number of things to fall into line for it to work, like the TV sat
    box will need to be able to tune to the RX frequency of the satellite
    internet LNB.
  5. rooft

    rooft Guest

    I use Foxtel. We don't have to move the dish in order to watch free to air.

    Also depends on which pay-tv service you watch.
  6. rooft

    rooft Guest

    Can a standard one-way LNB be used if you use a phone-line for uploading?

    and mount it so it is focused correctly. It is
  7. atec 7 7

    atec 7 7 Guest

    I know a bloke who actually has one left over from sat isp connections ,
    thats a cheap source as there are specifics in equipment or it wont work
    , is this a home done thing or a pro install ?
  8. rooft

    rooft Guest

    Would prefer to use the existing dish and just the existing socket in the
    wall. One of the FTA channels is an
    advertisment for Optus satellite internet which I presume is referring to
    the same satellite. I think it's Aurora.
  9. atec 7 7

    atec 7 7 Guest

    WHat you prefer is likely not to work .. it needs a certain size and
    nothing below will work
  10. Alpha_77DX

    Alpha_77DX Guest

    Where is your post telling how to do it?
  11. atec 7 7

    atec 7 7 Guest

    Wont happen
  12. SG1

    SG1 Guest

    Of course it won't happen. This sort of rort happens in every
    industry. I've had supposed experts (this same moron by the way)
    saying that to receive a HD digital signal, a set top box or HDtv is
    not enough - and that you MUST change your antenna to a "digital"
    antenna. As I said earlier, I'm not sure if they actually believe the
    shit they spread, or if they are just trying to rip people off, but in
    the case of THIS particular moron, he's just ignorant and uneducated.

    Proof of having done it, is required. Or is that not simple enough for
  13. atec 7 7

    atec 7 7 Guest

    the digital aerial thing is a hoot , fine if you need a new one 'cause
    it's buggered but usually the older one still work fine , I renently
    replaced mine because the old one fell apart after some wind.Best $74.90
    spent for a while
  14. blofelds_cat

    blofelds_cat Guest

    err.. that should be "People like you should be shot and then sent back
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    (not indicating that I agree with the remark, of course)




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  15. Alpha_77DX

    Alpha_77DX Guest

    All foam, no beer :)
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