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Sanyo TV Model DS1930 Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Joe, Aug 15, 2003.

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  1. Joe

    Joe Guest


    I have a Sanyo DS19380. When the power on button is pushed, I can
    hear the relay click, then a few seconds click again. There is no
    power after that. This happened after I tried to hook up a scope to
    the tuner and tried to use one of the tuner case supports as ground.

    If anyone has an idea as to what that could have done to prevent
    powering on I would appreciate it.

    If I need to replace the whole chassis, do you know of a good source
    and would that be a cost effective way of fixing the tv.

    Thanks a lot in advance
  2. You blew the ([email protected]#@!) off the power supply. Start by checking
    everything in the path from the AC coming in through any series
    resistors, and then on to the bridge. In many TV sets there are some
    low omage resistors, chokes, and etc along the AC input path. Then go
    on to the bridge rectifier. There are more than excellent chances are
    that rectifier has been blown.

    I have seen guys also do some damage to their scopes. You will soon

    You should be working with an isolation transformer to drive the set
    before connecting any test gear to it. You can be badly injured!

    Since one side of the power supply has been shorted to earth ground,
    there is a chance that there is a lot more damage in other areas after
    you fix the supply. You will find out once you get the supply up to
    specs. Maybe you will be lucky this time... :)

    Also, just to make a comment, this only one of the many reasons why I
    tell people that if they are not properly trained for TV service, even
    if they are electrical engineers, they should not be inside their TV
    sets, or microwave ovens. These can be very dangerous to mess with.

    Jerry Greenberg
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