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Sanyo PLC-SU70 - Power board issue?

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Repair' started by Nevada, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. Nevada


    Oct 6, 2009
    Hello there,
    I'll get straight to the point, im not especially great with electronics repairs, i've done the occasional repair with part-for-part things, like replacing bad caps, repairing burned traces etc, but i'm lost in relation to this issue. the unit, a Sanyo PL-SU70 is completely dead, the lamp is fine (has been tested) but when connected to the mains theres no signs of life on the projector itself, no lights, no fans, nothing.

    I've stripped it down to a point where i can access it's two power boards (one for the control panel/lcd segment, the other for the lamp), the lamp power board looks fine, i dont have much in the way of electrical testing equipment currently, but i checked various points on the upper power board with a mains tester screwdriver, and everything up to transformer is receiving power, theres power going to one side of the transformer (all 5 pins on that side have power), but no power leaving it, (6 pins on output side), that side i checked with the mains tester, then a 24v fan, then a 12v fan, and finally an LED, absolutely no power leaving it, the problem here is that the transformer is the only link between the rest of the power board, and the smaller section with capacitors that from what i can tell, feeds the projector mainboard.

    Perhaps im getting ahead of myself though, i am under the assumption that the transformer is a switching transformer, is there supposed to be no output until something is pressed/triggered, or am i right in thinking the transformers dead?, i had noticed that the copper coil looking thing (imagine a donut with a copper wire wrapped around all the way), the underside of the pcb where that component is mounted is showing slight discoloration (a brown tinge).
    I can take some detailed pictures if needed, i'm obviously no expert but if i can narrow it down to a specific component i should be able to fix it.

    These are the markings on the transformer :

    Output side :
    Input side :
    1-2HC (could be 1-2HO)
    Sticker on the top side :
    Component brand is Zebra ( TABUCHI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. )

    I've emailed them about it asking for the spec since it isn't listed on the component and none of the current ones they sell seem to match.

    Any ideas?
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