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Sanyo model HT32744 follow up post - check this meat plow

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Golf, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. Golf

    Golf Guest

    This was the one that wouldn't power up, only relays clicking wildly
    then nothing when start button pushed. Set was shutting down by the
    power fail circuit. I found an open resistor at Q460 collector, Q460
    was shorted (PCC), D-411 and D-461 shorted. Resoldered flakey joint on
    D-664 (15V supply to 5V regulator). I believe this is what caused the
    15V supply to swing when a load was placed on it. Replaced all bad
    components and the power fail was still shutting down the set, this
    time on the power supply side. I forgot to resolder a jumper on the
    140V to the HOT. Took care of this and finally the set powered up, but
    shut back down in a few seconds. Could here crackling noise from CRT
    neck PCB. Resoldered pin connections on board CRT plug. This fixed
    this. Now TV works fine. Of course this was added to my Winstips
    database. Now I have at least one tip for this particular model Sanyo.
    Thanks for everyones help as always. Later group.
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