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Sansui cd-x711 cd-player several problems!

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Erik, Dec 12, 2004.

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  1. Erik

    Erik Guest

    Thanks for all help!

    I got it going again. What I did? I resoldered some weak connections,
    wiggled all connections, replaced a belt that uppers and lowers the
    optical deck. Then assembled everything correctly, the previous owner
    was a moron that totally assembled it incorrectly.

    Now it works! But I got a strange problem though. Suddenly after I
    played some tracks of the disc inserted, and decided to test another
    disc I realized that it totally hang up and nothing worked. I managed
    to get the other disc out and tested the first disc. Totally dead. I
    took the cover off again. The pickup didnt return to home. I moved it
    further against the edge of the disc and tested again. Now it returned
    to home. Solution: Never stop the disc at a track in the middle,
    always go to first or last track. If I should forget this, you only
    have to tilt the player to move the pickup right.

    Strange fault though, anyone got an idea what it could be?

    Thanks for all help anyway!

  2. Clean the contacts of the inside switch and make sure the carriage motor and
    moving parts are good. Clean-lube where necessary, test the motor
    electrically to make sure the brushes aren't opening up, lube the shaft of
    the motor, just general maintenance. Easier said than done, eh?

    Mark Z.
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