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Sanity check - transistor id

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Bob Engelhardt, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. A monitor back light supply has a bjt with the marking: C5706. Mouser
    has an ON bjt, number 2SC5706. Can I assume that they're the same?

  2. Guest

    C5706 == 2sc5706, yes.
  3. Fred Abse

    Fred Abse Guest


    It's common practice (has been for years), to drop the "2S" part on small
  4. Guest

    Right, like "D" = 2SDxxx. K = 2SKxxx, I think. (Don't remember how
    they handled 3SKxxx).
  5. Tim Williams

    Tim Williams Guest

    KEC parts are common (Korean Electronic Components or something), which
    are KT-. Example: I've pulled some "C3206" from monitors before; these
    and so on. I don't know if all KEC parts are in funny packages, but this
    "TO-92L" at least is distinctive. If the 2S part doesn't turn up, or just
    doesn't look right, give this a try.

  6. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    pin count - 1

    BC547B marked as "C547B"
  7. Fred Abse

    Fred Abse Guest

    I implied that.
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