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Sangean DDR-63: Loss of audio through speakers

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Repair' started by Uncle_Angry, Apr 8, 2020.

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  1. Uncle_Angry


    Apr 8, 2020
    I was given a Sangean DDR-63 to troubleshoot and the lack of information online for this device is both frustrating and interesting. I'm assuming since I can't find anything that this isn't a common issue.
    • Powers on, no delay
    • Touchscreen functional
    • Wi-Fi communication functional
    • Rear 3.5mm audio jack functional (tested with headphones)
    • Checked Sangean website for any recently pushed updates to software (nothing since 06/19)
    My immediate thought is something wrong on the board itself. I tried calling Sangean support, but as expected they are shutdown due to the current events still unfolding around us. Thought about just doing a factory reset but I'm pretty confident that is pointless.

    Anyone had similar issues with this device? Would love to hear what you found.
    here's a link to the device for reference.
  2. Uncle_Angry


    Apr 8, 2020

    Here are some links to images of what I found. (full board view, problem area top right corner) (overhead of problem area) (angle 1) (angle 2) (angle 3)

    Took the back cover off and I could immediately smell the scent of burnt electronics. Below are a couple images of what was found. This area is right in the middle of the two speakers connected to the PCB by two small three pin Molex connectors, which can be seen in the "overhead" image.

    It appears as though something "let the smoke out" and covered the passives around it. What is was that let go, I'm not entirely sure. The empty capsule surrounded by the black tar looks like it could have been an electrolytic, but the material is the same porous material used for coils and filters.

    I don't think this is repairable with the limited tools I have. Looks like I'd need to get this under a scope, clean the surrounding area and then try to identify what it is that let go.

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