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SANGAMO Powermeter KYWP 3oooW 120 VAC

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by noexpert, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. noexpert

    noexpert Guest

    Hello Group,
    got some interest in this powermeter made by SANGAMO.Seems to be for single
    phase 120 VAC.
    The below info was lifted off description.
    Can I ask for your input if this represents a correct explanation or ask for
    correction please or any other useful hints.

    Copied from Ebay:

    "At the far right side of the white dial a circuitdiagram can be found:Three
    independent in series loops @120VAC are input to cumulative record wattage
    to a maximum of 3000W total; you can use just one or two or three to the max
    of 3kW. In addition to these 3 loops( 6 big Terminals)two more loops(4
    smaller terminals)are also present. As far as I understand these can serve
    to remotely sense wattage. I never used those in the meter I have for myself
    but there are many web(news) groups to get help/info if need be. Trust this
    helps you and good bidding "
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