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Samsung TV service codes

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Glenn Gundlach, Feb 12, 2004.

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  1. Anybody have an idea where to get the service codes for the Samsung
    HLN507W DLP set? Also, I'd like the list of commands for the RS-232
    port of the 507 and the SIR-T165 set top box.
  2. Why? You can seriously screw the device up if you don't know what your
    doing. The manufacturers keep these codes hidden for very good reasons.
    See above comment.
  3. Thinker

    Thinker Guest


    The best reason is they get to make a profit when the set is returned ofr
    sevice when it could have been done by the owner.
  4. See

    That machine is a high definition flying spot telecine to transfer
    film to video. I designed all the analog signal processing from the
    photosensors up to the A-D converters along with the servo interface
    and motor drive amplifiers.

    My goal on the Samsung is a slight change in the gamma settings and
    better integrate the remote controls using the RS232 port with an
    ambedded controller to route the commands to the appropriate box(es)
    so my wife and kids can actually use the stuff. So, do you have any
    helpful comments or not?

  5. Art

    Art Guest

    Call Samsung Customer Care or your Local Samsung Authorized Dealer. Your set
    being under warranty should be a service related issue. Why some of the post
    refer to you not wanting to do this yourself is the fact if you FUBAR it
    then it is time/material cost to you since you voided the warranty. There
    are way too many vairables in the service menues of these sets, incorrectly
    adjusting some of them may produce very undesirable effects, both to your
    set and your wallet. Yes, it is an economic issue on the part of service,
    and the customer. Same idea as buying that brand new Chev Corvette and then
    changing the eprom to a high preformance item. Agreed, a lot of fun finding
    out just what it will do without reigns, however, you just produced a
    $45000+ libality because no more GM warranty at all.
  6. Hey Art, did you look at the above link? I actually understand how TV
    works. I've worked in the industry for 27+ years and have had to, at
    times, adjust something that the manual said 'never adjust'. Trust me,
    I'm not going to break it and these are NOT 'famous last words'.

    The Samsung is not 'broken' and needs no repair. I did call Samsung
    today and have the service manuals for both units coming next week. I
    promise I WILL tell everyone if I DO fubar it. I won't.

  7. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    Art called The Usenet Police (tm) of sci.electronics.basics and said to the cops,
    at Fri, 13 Feb 2004 17:04:01 -0500:
    If you are real careful (take note of the original values. try small changes),
    there is little danger of damaging your devices by "hacking" the service menus.

    IMHO it's almost the same as "tweaking" your Windows' registry or your BIOS
    settings to get more speed. If you change the Windows registry in the wrong way
    you may trash settings (requiring system restore/reinstall), and in a PC BIOS it
    may not boot anymore unless you reset everything.
  8. Art

    Art Guest

    Thing is Glen: In neither of your post do you even explain that you are
    indeed a tech of any experience, just that you are asking for these service
    codes. That is why the return post was generated, not as a personal flame
    but as information. it is obvious that you should be more diligent in
    posting all the information so you do not get mis-understood again. As
    stated, the manufacturer and their materials are indeed the bible in doing
    any service adjustments (tweaking as DM put it). IMHO please indicate indeed
    the facts to dissuade any further posts you consider inflammatory.
  9. Ross Mac

    Ross Mac Guest

    You might try the consumer electronics guys at
    ......Good luck....
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