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Samsung SyncMaster 213T service menu

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Boris Gjenero, Apr 19, 2004.

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  1. Does anyone know how to get into the service menu on a Samsung
    SyncMaster 213T LCD monitor?

    When used with a DVI connection the DPMS functionality is VERY
    annoying. It turns off even if the signal is lost for a short time,
    such as when rebooting. It also takes WAY too long to even notice
    that it should wake up. I don't mean that it spends time waking up;
    the power light just keeps flashing as if there isn't any signal, and
    then when it finally detects the signal it starts waking up. If I
    reboot I don't get an image almost until the desktop appears. This
    for example is annoying because I have to deal with the boot menu

    I know the video signal is there. I can turn the monitor off and then
    on with the power switch and then it starts waking up immediately.

    There are other annoying things in the firmware but this is the only
    one that annoys me in everyday use nowdays. I wish I could
    disassemble and hack it. I'm not that optimistic that a service menu,
    if it's even there, could change the DPMS functionality, but Samsung
    tech support pointed me in that direction.
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