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Samsung SP42W5HFX projection tv problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jason Polychronopulos, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. Hi,
    I have a friend who brought a second hand (About 2 years old) Samsung 42"
    projection TV. It worked for 3 days and then a problem appeared.

    Model no. SP42W5HFX
    Next to that no. SP42W5HFX/XEU

    Serial no. 3KPT716665H

    The problem is as follows:- (I am no expert in the TV repair field!)

    When you put a cross pattern on the TV you get green and
    blue fine but red is miss-aligned in to top left hand corner.

    I think it is one of two problem:

    1.) The red crt has an issue in the picture alignment, looks a bit like a
    magnet has been put close to the crt I guess it could be a problem with the
    board connected to the neck of the tube or the coil that controls
    electro-magnetically the picture on the red crt?

    2.) I don't think this is the problem but, there is an auto convergence
    board that lines up the 3 crt images this could also control the set up of
    the picture in each or the crts??? Or could it be coursing this fault?

    Like I said I am no expert!


    I have read that if you have to change one crt then you should change them
    all as since over time the brightness degrades, if the red is just replaced
    then the colour will be un-balanced. Which I guess makes the TV a right off!

    Is it worth trying to fix the original crt/board on neck?

    I have had a look for tv parts on the internet but can't find much. Does
    anyone know where I can get spares from?

    Does anyone want to fix it, if it's more than about £150 it's not worth

    Can may understanding, if it dose'nt look right?

    Does anyone know how to get the service menu (Just out of interest?)

    Where can I get a copy of the service manual?

    Any other ideas?

    Many Thanks to anyone who can help, Jason
  2. kip

    kip Guest

    Change the convergence IC,s..

  3. Saw one (Samsung, not likely this model) a few years back that would
    intermittently lose its convergence...after our first trip, on a
    callback, we discovered that it had a transistor on the convergence
    board (stand up, TO-92 (?, been away from this too long), metal tab,
    no heat sink) that was close enough to a grounded part that it would
    occasionally touch/arc, affecting the convergence. Once we bent it
    forward a bit it stopped acting up. :)

  4. Hi, Many thanks to both Kip and Tom for their replys.

    I have not looked at the convergence board yet as it is shielded, but I take
    it that the IC in question I should look at is fairly obvous?
    What should I be looking for and what tests should I do?

    If was was to replace the whole convergence board how much would one cost
    and where could I get it from.

    So you don't think it's a crt issue then?

    Many Thanks, Jason
  5. kip

    kip Guest

    No its not shielded...Replace the STK IC,s
    they are very visable to the eye.

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