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Samsung SMC-2040A

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Müller, Frank-Stefan (MRT), Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. In a surplus shop I bought several LCD Modules labeled SMC-2040A with a
    Samsung logo, suppose they are 2 row x 20 column alphanumeric displays.
    Back at home I googled for the Type number, but nothing showed up.
    The modules got a SED1278F Controller with an Epson Logo and four OKI
    M8259 driver chips and a 14 pin standard (?) connector.

    Looking for a data sheet or other information.


  2. passerby

    passerby Guest

    responding to ,
    I don't actually know if they are compatible with the standard Hitachi HD44780
    LCD controllers but the first thing I would do with a mystery LCD having a
    14-pin interface is to trace the ground to identify the location of the Pin 1
    and run some kind of a test program using an Arduino LCD library designed for
    HD44780. 9 times out of 10 they are in fact HD44780 compatible. if it works,
    you can stop looking for the part-number specific data, just use the standard.
    If it does not, then you can keep looking.

    But on a second thought, a 10 seconds Google search yielded this from a
    Stanford Embedded Systems Design handouts:

    "Nearly every pixel-based alphanumeric LCD module made today uses the Hitachi
    HD44780 LCD
    controller chip, or a derivative such as the Seiko-Epson *SED1278*. This
    apparent standardization in character LCDs has become extremely beneficial to
    design engineers and hobbyists."

    (emphasis mine)

    So, there you have it: just use it as a standard Hitachi HD44780 LCD - does
    not matter who actually produced it.


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