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Samsung 760VTFT LCD Monitor Repair In Progress

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Rob, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    This unit was experiencing the common symptom of screen going black
    after a few seconds of turn on. Turn off and on again, problem would
    repeat, but things got better with some dark splotches on successive
    cycles of turning off and on until after about 2 minutes, the screen
    would stay on properly and then work fine thereafter.

    I disassembled the unit and on the power board I found possible
    sources of the problem. There was a film capacitor (C11) pushed up
    against and in contact with the heat sink on a transistor (only heat
    sink on the board). It was brown in color, but on further inspection,
    the original color was bright red, the brown discoloration may have
    been due to heat or leak through. Additionally, the power mosfet
    MTP23 was leaking a brown substance from the lead end onto the board.
    All the electrolytics tested fine with my esr meter and also looked

    The "Display Type" is GH17MS with a "Model Code" GH17VSSN. The power
    board was designated GH15/17 Rev 3.0. The value of C11 is
    unreadable. How would I got about finding the value of this capacitor?
  2. Rob

    Rob Guest

    OK, I found a board that appears to be identical to mine here:

    The bad mosfet is in the upper part of the board just to the right of
    the bank of six capacitors, you can make out a corner of it behind the
    white ribbon cable. The mysterious capacitor C11 cannot be seen, it
    is adjacent to the heat sink on the side of the mosfet. There is
    another similar film cap, but it is too far from the heatsink to make
    contact with it.
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