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Samsung 760V TFT LCD monitor problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by jbclem, Aug 2, 2005.

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  1. jbclem

    jbclem Guest

    My Samsung SyncMaster 760V LCD monitor, 4 months out of warranty, is developing a
    problem. Sometimes the upper third of the screen will be in shadow, I can barely see
    through it. Sometime the entire screen will black out, or when I turn it on in the
    morning the screen will be black. So far the cure (temporary) has been to unplug the
    unit and then plug it back in. This has only happened 4 times so far but I expect it to
    get worse.

    Can someone guess as to the cause of this type of problem, electronic component or a
    problem with the screen itself? And if it is easy or hard to fix. Also, if it's too
    much for me, can someone recomment a repair shop in the Los Angeles area (preferably
    West Los Angeles but I'm not that picky).

    Thanks, John
  2. jbclem

    jbclem Guest

    Forgot to mention, this is a 17" monitor.

  3. Guest

    Yes, seen this before. The cause is either a bad CCFL driver
    transformer or (more likely) one or more defective CCFL tubes.

    The cure is to replace all the tubes with new ones of the same diameter
    and length, this should work well.

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