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Safewatch Pro 2000

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Donna, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Donna

    Donna Guest

    My contract with ADT expired and I need your help to setup my system so when
    alarm is armed or disarmed I get notified, paged on my cell phone. Of course
    I want to be notified when someone is breaking in to. Thanks
  2. I notice you've received no assistance from the "professional" alarm
    installers here.

    You might not be able to change anything without assistance from ADT.
    The "authorized dealer" may have locked you out of programming. If so,
    the easiest way to regain control of the system may be to replace the
    control panel. It's usually not difficult to replace them and most
    panels are fairly inexpensive, probably less than the cost of a service
    visit from the installing dealer.

    Robert L. Bass

    Bass Home Electronics
    The Online DIY Store
  3. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    Thats because a professional alarm installer won't walk someone they don't
    know anything about into programming, regardless of what Donna says she may
    not be out of contract with ADT.
  4. Thats because a professional alarm installer
    First of all, how would you know what a professional alarm installer
    would do?

    Second, I couldn't care less if she's under contract with ADT (and
    neither could you, though you like to pretend otherwise).
  5. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    You have no idea how I installed systems
    Thats obvious, contracts seem to mean nothing to you unless they belong to

    FIRETEK Guest

    Perhaps because he deals with them on a daily basis??

    Of course _you_ wouldn't care.
  7. You have no idea how I installed systems

    Nor have you any idea how I have.
    *Your* contracts with *your* infuriated ex-clients mean nothing to me.
    It's not my problem to help you. When your vict... er, customers call
    because they want to DIY rather than deal with your employer's poor
    service any more, my only concern is to give them what they need so
    they can get away from you.

    Note: The "you" above refers to your company's victims as well as those
    of a few other idiots. It doesn't include Olson since he doesn't
    install or service anything.

    FIRETEK Guest

    Oh, I figure you installed a few. How many did you install without a permit
    or the proper licensing again?

    Heh! Sure, Bass. I'll bet the old phone is just ringing off the wall with
    Mark's customers wanting help to "get away" from him. I'll bet there's an
    even greater number calling Mark to find out how to "get away" from you.

    Since you seem to know so much about Frank, why not post the name of the
    company he works for? "Go ahead, Bass. Make our day."
  9. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    Better yet how many did he install between 1979 and 1983-84 when he was on
    probation, I wonder if he informed his customers about that at the time
    Actually if someone who calls ever brings up this newsgroup they always
    wonder who Psycho Mike is, they rarely mention RLB which is why I've always
    thought the shit Mike does ends up being counterproductive

    FIRETEK Guest

    I've actually been wondering about two things:

    1. If (as Bass has stated) a large number of the DIY crowd "lurk" here (as
    I did for many months before actually posting), how many actually wind up
    shopping at his store?

    2. I do agree in that what Mike (Group-Moderator) does is often
    "counter-productive" (as you put it), but why does he engage in the same
    sales tactics here (contrary to the FAQ) as Bass does? I see Jim Rojas
    posts here often, and I have yet to see him post anything that contravenes
    the FAQ.
  11. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    More than many here think but less than RLB will brag about :)
    Mike doesn't cut down the industry he was part of and Mike won't throw his
    mother under the bus just to get a sale.

    Mike's an idiot but he's no Bass
    I fear Rojas, everyone here fears Rojas....I've seen grown men pull their
    own heads off to avoid Rojas...he's...he's......

    I have to go now
  12. tourman

    tourman Guest

    He be a "fine feller there" as they say up country way
    hereabouts....(he is, and I also gotta be sure to say it if I want that
    boat ride come this spring...:))

  13. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    Oh sure, thats easy for you to say when you are all the way on the other
    side of the country, I'm like half's scary!
  14. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Well, you're almost right.

    Jim is a former New Yorker.

    There ... people call the them "Goodfellas" :)

    If you're going for a boat ride, I'd suggest you make sure there isn't
    a gun in the boat and that you sit facing him. Just be careful. He may
    try to make the excuse that he's got to bring a gun along because of
    the alligators ..... but don't believe him. Rumor has it ...... Jim
    always returns from those Everglade boat rides .......ALONE!
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