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Safety considerations

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Winston, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. Winston

    Winston Guest

    For years, some retail and restaurant chains in the United States
    have been equipped with non-ionizing sources positioned to provide
    floor coverage. They emit a directed modulated beam, tuned to
    mimic and replace waveforms characteristic of those produced in
    specific areas of the brain.
    These were installed as safety devices, to defend the store against
    armed robbery and defuse potential disturbances between customers
    and staff. They have since been re-purposed to assure a consistent
    demographic profile in the customer base, enforce policies
    discouraging trade with competing retailers and to provide
    entertainment for the store manager and senior staff.
    Here are a few, hopefully helpful, thoughts prompted by these new tools.

    1)Are modern retail spaces modified to dissipate any electromagnetic
    energy that is not absorbed by customers? What tests are in place
    to calibrate power levels to couple the proper amount of energy
    into the targeted customer while limiting damage to managers and staff?

    2)Is special attention given to the shape and texture of surfaces
    in the retail space to limit damage in case a customer should fall
    against counters or display surfaces as a result of loss of muscle
    control during targeting? Are cleaners and gloves available to
    sales personnel and waiters so that blood and other body fluids can
    be cleaned and disinfected?

    3)What sort of training do managers and staff receive in target selection
    and beam positioning? Are pregnant customers normally irradiated at
    the same power levels as others? What frequencies are selected for
    maximum power transfer into customers of varying masses and aspect ratios,
    such as more obese customers, children and infants? Are different
    frequencies and power levels recommended for maximum effectiveness
    against customers in specific ethnic groups? Is antenna polarization
    critical and what does that mean in terms of interference to, or
    inductive heating of other store equipment?

    4)What are the upper FCC limits for management and staff exposure to
    the reflected power in terms of level, frequency and duration?
    Doubtlessly the power density of the radiation far exceeds that allowed
    under traditional class “A” emission in the forward lobe but what about
    energy escaping out of side – or back lobes which may inadvertently
    affect a manager or member of staff?
    1.What FCC directive are these devices regulated under?
    Class III Medical?

    5)What have been the results of any longitudinal studies of resulting
    cataracts, chromosomal damage and cancers such as leukemia in store
    managers and staff that are subjected to reflected radiation on a
    weekly or daily basis?
    1.What safety devices and procedures are available for the store manager
    and staff to protect them from non-ionizing power reflected off of
    customers and metal fixtures in the store or restaurant?
    2.The staff of retail stores and restaurants tend to be younger; of
    child bearing age. Are they encouraged to wear conductive garments
    to contour potentially damaging EMI fields around sensitive areas?
    Are pregnant staffers encouraged to take early maternity leave to
    limit the severity of birth defects?
    3.Often, staff are relocated away from the retail space before customers
    are targeted. How well does that protect the staff from reflected
    radiation; what additional equipment and procedures might better
    prevent adverse or long-term health problems in the management and staff?
    4.What, if any nutritional supplements and health steps are recommended
    to the management and staff to diminish the effect of the reflected
    5.Are management and staff tested using differential DNA analysis to
    detect chromosomal damage, and are there Personnel policies in place
    to ease the affected staffer or manager into their post-employment

    Please post your answers to the group.
    We can't afford to let our managers down.
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