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S99-50198 NOR Flash info needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Sergey Kubushyn, Jan 9, 2014.

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  1. Does anybody know what chip is it? Spansion S99-50198, FBGA, made for a "big
    OEM" that told Spansion not to give specs to anybody?

    I do know it is 128Mbit NOR Flash kinda like their S29GL128P so I can figure
    out most of its specs with regular CFI query but may be somebody know more
    so I wouldn't have to waste my time reverse-engineering those?

    I don't care about their "Top Secret" data or whatever they put there for
    their own use; I'm only going to use it as regular NOR Flash for a short
    production run of one of my products.

    I have 5K+ of those so it would've been enough for the entire production run
    that is one-time event.

    What is that "big OEM" if somebody knows that?

    Any information is highly appreciated.
  2. Greegor

    Greegor Guest

    I see you've got a good rating on eBay!

    Sale is for 5942 pieces of Spansion S99-50198 16MB FLASH memory in 13mm×11mm 1mm-pitch 64-ball BGA surface-mount package. 2010 date code.

    We don't know much about this part. If you know even less, then you should CLICK HERE and consider starting with a small sample.

    This appears to be a custom part. It was sold through Arrow Electronics andis still active in Avnet's system. The label on the factory foil states 'DESC: IC, S99-50198 FLASH, 128M BIT'. We don't have any other information atthis time. The package dimensions were calculated from a high-resolution scan.

    Our best guess of a similar active part is S29AL016J. This is just an educated guess based on package and density. We have not performed any electrical tests.

    We have the following sealed factory units available: 1360, 1088, 1046, 680(×3), and 408. You're welcome to submit a 'Best Offer' for a smaller quantity as long as it's a sum of the preceding units. US Shipping is free regardless of quantity. We're not going to ship these internationally.

    Brand: Spansion
    MPN: S99-50198
    Format: Tray
    Weight: 1.8 oz
    Case:BGA-64 (13mm×10mm, 1mm PITCH)
    Contacts: SURFACE MOUNT

    One online brokerage says there are
    38,000 of these sitting in Singapore.
    I'm not sure if that's true or not though.
  3. Yep, I do :)
    Eh, I do ALREADY have 5K+ sitting on the shelf (6 sealed factory packs) so I
    don't need any more right now :)
    That I do know and I do have those same labels on my factory packs.
    Nope, that is definitely NOT that custom part. S29AL016 is _16M BIT_ -- they
    put MegaBITs in the part number, not MegaBYTEs. I guess the part is
    S29GL128P judging from similar part numbers (S99-50xxx, don't remember exact
    xxx right now but it is something like 196 or so, i.e. very close) that
    multiple chip programmers from different manufacturers list as supported.
    Aha, it is S99-50196 indeed and Xeltek ever explicitely list it as S29GL128P
    in their supported devices:

    So I'm almost sure S99-50198 is S29GL128P with some custom data in their OTP
    region. It could have password protection and some other quirks set on the
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