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s-video to vga converter

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by James O'Donnell, Dec 13, 2004.

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  1. Hi this might be off topic but I hope someone can help. I have a problem
    finding an s-video to vga converter that will function above 50Hz. The unit
    that was purchased from Kramer works perfectly with a projector but not with
    any of the monitors that have been connected and their tech department have
    told me that the converter is locked to 50Hz and a unit to display on 50+Hz
    will cost £800+. Is there a unit in the UK a schematic or kit that will let
    me solve this problem at a resonable price ( I paid £200 for the Kramer
    unit ) My aim is to connect a camcorder svhs output to several pc monitors
    or panels and the only hurdle is the converter.


  2. FoulDragon

    FoulDragon Guest

    I'm thinking to get a different frequency than the standard video refresh rate,
    you'd require storing the image, and rescanning over it for the new refresh
    rate. Or something more complex.

    Why not pipe the Svideo output into a PC video capture card, then just send
    the PC's VGA output where you want? With a used PC (a P200 would be adequate)
    and a cheap video capture or TV card (with a Svideo in), you'd get going for
    under 200 USD, given American market trends (used PCs of P200 class, 50 USD,
    and another 50 for a cheap TV card)
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