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S: Schematic or service manual for Power Supply Maxireg 671 / Fuse

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Joerg Hau, Jan 31, 2004.

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  1. Joerg Hau

    Joerg Hau Guest


    I'm looking for a copy of the schematic or the service manual for a
    power supply "Maxireg 671", manufactured by Weir Electronics. I have
    such a unit which is pretty functional, but it could need some minor

    Second question to the same supply, what is the primary fuse's rating
    as given by the manufacturer? I got this unit with a 3.15A fuse
    installed, which is IMHO pretty much for a 60 W supply - I'd rather
    go for something like 0.5A ...

    Please feel free to contact me either via the newsgroup, or per direct


    - Joerg

    joerg dot hau at swissonline dot ch * Lausanne, Switzerland
    "All standard disclaimers apply".
    remove "nospam." from my address to reply
    (this became necessary due to increasing SPAM)
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