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S/P-dif data over Cat.5 ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Sep 16, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Would this setup work?

    How should the line driver interface to transformer?
    Resistor / capacitor setup?
    And transformer - transmission line.. direct wire to wire?
    Any recommendation on line driver chip? LTC485 seems limited..

    Soundcard "S/P-dif,AES/EBU" TTL-level
    Line driver (LTC485 or similar RS-422 compatible driver)
    1:1 Transformer (Like Pulse H1012)
    < 100m cat.5 ethernet wireing
    1:1 Transformer (Like Pulse H1012)
    Line receiver (LTC485 or similar RS-422 compatible driver)
    Toslink transmitter (TOTX179P or ekvialient)

    The LTC485 is specified at 2.5Mbps maximum. But maybe there is some margin to
    use if cable runs are short (<20m) ?

    I prefer to have optical the last bit to the amplifier due fitting to existing
    installation. Galvanic insulation is also a benefit ofcourse.

    Ref: LTC485 TOTX179P
  2. Clint Sharp

    Clint Sharp Guest

    Why not just make it all fibre? Seems like a lot of trouble to go to if
    it's possible to pull cable/fibre.
  3. Guest

    Because the most of the distance there is cat.5 cable. Plastic fibre won't
    manage to replace it due length. Glas fibre is too messy and costly.
    Eventually it will be replaced by a tcp/ip capable unit. And then the fibre
    will have no use. As the cable manages 1 Gbps, and there is not likely any use
    for more in forseeble feature.
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