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Russian/soviet tube equivalence table

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Claude Frantz, Oct 27, 2003.

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  1. Where can I find a table showing the equivalence between russian
    (soviet ?) tube codes and american and european tube codes ?
  2. Jean-Noel

    Jean-Noel Guest

  3. iga

    iga Guest

  4. Jiri Placek

    Jiri Placek Guest


    "Das Grosse Roehren Taschenbuch Teil 1 and Teil 2" by Wilhelm Beier
    has a chapter "Sowjetische Sende- und Empfangsroehren" in the Part 1
    with all data, pinouts, and equivalents. A reprint of this 1965
    handbook was published in 1998 by Franzis' ( and it may
    be still sold by BOL (

    Good luck.

    Jiri Placek
    Boyertown, PA
  5. Ned Carlson

    Ned Carlson Guest

    If you go here, you can type in Cyrillic as well as Latin
    characters to look up Russian tubes, so you can see how close
    the alleged equivalents to Western types really are.
  6. Tom Bavis

    Tom Bavis Guest

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