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Running on 90% solar

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by tat-2, Sep 23, 2005.

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  1. tat-2

    tat-2 Guest

    I wanted to let the world know that I am running this computer on 90% solar.

    Ok, I have a 19" CRT monitor and a P3 1K on solar poler, I cheated and used
    the router and cable modem on grid power.

    Once I change over to a note book and larger battery bank...
    It will be 100% solar!

  2. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Way to go Ed. Now just hope for sunny weather :) j/k
  3. tat-2

    tat-2 Guest

    My 180W of solar will make it. I just need to increase the battery bank.
    BTW my panels are flat mounted on a trellis.
    I live in the city so theft is a concern.

  4. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Cool. I have a cordless lawnmower that I want to charge with PV.
  5. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    "router and cable modem"
  7. Richard P.

    Richard P. Guest

    Cool, Ed! I have all my lighting in my apartment on PV's. I'd have my
    desktop on it as well but my puny 300 watt inverter strains doing it (the
    cooling fan goes full blast and its like typing with a blowdryer going next
    to you). But that will come later. I have four 30 watt monocrystaline type
    PV's wired in parallel and eight 12v deep cycle AGM type batteries rated at
    100 AH @ 72 hr rate.

    Funny story; one evening last week I was on my computer when all of a sudden
    my computer died. I was thinking.. "what the h....??" and checked the power
    connections, power bar, etc. I then noticed that the clock on my microwave
    oven was off and realized there was a power failure in progress. Turns out
    someone was moving a 100 year old house down the highway and didn't quite
    clear the overhead lines... they brought 3 poles down and killed power for
    over 3 hours followed by another one that lasted 90 mins. I went outside
    and saw that the town was pitch black but my apartment was lit up like
    normal. Heh heh... 3 days later, a violent windstorm tore thru the area and
    killed power several times with lots of power fluctuations thru-out the day.
    I could still read and watch TV and keep my beer cold. My neighbours don't
    laugh at me anymore...! I experienced first hand the freedom and security
    of my (somewhat) energy self-sufficiency and realize it's time to get
    serious and start adding more PV's.
  8. Paul

    Paul Guest

    During hurricane Katrina I saw many businesses that needed power
    when the power went out. I wondered why they did not have backup generators
    or fuel cells that run off natural gas. (assuming there was any gas
    The idea of distributed generation of power may be catching on after this.
  9. Paul

    Paul Guest

    That would be my guess. Maybe they need power backup at the
    natural gas pumping stations so that businesses can use fuel cells.
  10. daestrom

    daestrom Guest

    Here in the northeast, any electricity needed for the gas supply has a
    priority for restoration. Lots of folks use NG for heating and there is a
    more urgent need to maintain/restore gas supplies.

    So a NG fired backup generator might still lose, but it might also be
    returned a lot quicker than plain residential electric service.

    Anyone with some direct experience?

  11. Richard P.

    Richard P. Guest

    In fall of 1991 a section of a NG pipeline exploded in a farmers field just
    west of Red Deer, Alberta. I was living in Calgary at the time and it was
    just after midnight when I was leaving work and caught a transit bus home.
    The driver and I couldn't believe our eyes when we saw a mushroom cloud on
    the horizon. The wx conditions were such that we could even see the cloud
    flickering with light from the fire at the ground. And we were over 180
    km's away from the explosion! Funny as it may be to read this right now but
    for about 2 mins there we seriously thought we may have been seeing the
    opening stages of WW3. hahahah.. the bus driver even radioed his dispatcher
    to turn on CNN to see if something was going on. (I can see a B-grade movie
    in this... "two surviving bus passengers rove the nuclear wastelands of
    Canada.. searching for the last fertile female..") <grin!>

    Turns out a friend of mine worked for the company whos pipeline exploded. A
    few days later he talked about the incident and from that I learned that
    they were using Rolls Royce turbines identical to the ones used on Boeing
    747 jumbo jets. They are fueled from the NG they are "pushing" thru the
    pipeline. The turbines are housed in a building with solar powered (!)
    radio remote control and a back up diesel generator to help start up the
    turbine in the event of local grid failure. At the time of the incident,
    the remote control failed and an employee was sent out to stop the turbine
    to let the remaining NG to burn off. It was a large diameter pipe (sorry
    cant remember the size) but it blew a crater over 60' deep and nearly killed
    a farm family sleeping in a house about 100' away. They showed pictures of
    their truck melted on the news the next day.

    Interestingly, in Alberta, something like 70% of the NG pipelines there are
    old and uninspected. The regulatory body and provincial governement are so
    deep in the pockets of the petroleum industry that they are unconcerned.. as
    you would expect. (Could also explain why they have an alcoholic for a
    premier for so long). Funny, it's considered so normal that to question it
    is to risk being labelled an anti-environmentalist --or worse--
    anti-Albertan. Go figure, eh. <shrug> These concerns were brought up in
    1990 and I don't live in Alberta anymore, thank god, so things may have
    changed since then, but I doubt it.

  12. Cosmopolite

    Cosmopolite Guest

    Nothing has changed. " Bozo " King Ralph and his pirates are still
    running the show the same old way. Everything for big energy and the
    majority of Albertans think that he is a great guy. Go figure.
  13. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    He said only the router and cable modem are on grid. That could be 10%.
    He's almost there. Dropping that CRT to a LCD would give him enough
    juice to keep the router and cable modem on solar as well.
  14. tat-2

    tat-2 Guest

    Dropping a 19" CRT (2.5A @ 120V= 300W) for a 15" LCD saves me a 252W).
    I now have an older NEC 15" that draws 0.4A @ 120V.
    The Cable modem draws [email protected] The router says 23W.

  15. tat-2

    tat-2 Guest

    Why would "Computer's running on 90% solar" be way off base?
    Becuase 10% is on grid power?

    Please explain.

  16. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    The topic at hand was his computer equipment. He was accurate.
  17. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    The point was that 90% of his computer gear was solar powered.
    He was right. I showed him how to get to 100%.
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