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Running a 24v relay from mains voltage?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by DaveC, Nov 21, 2003.

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  1. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  2. DaveC

    DaveC Guest

    Thanks, John. One more option.
  3. Hello Dave,

    I just installed my newsreader, so I do not know if anyone reads this, but
    here goes:

    I had a problem like that once, I solved it with a rectifier for the mains
    and a 4093 as a gated oscillator to drive a 600V switsch mosfet.
    Very small circuit, not a lot of heat generation.

    In your case, you can use one of the spare ports on the 4093 to generate the
    time delay again with small parts.
    You can use a resistor/zener to generate the low voltage rail for the 4093.
    Don't forget to add a clamp diode, otherwise the mosfet will probably not
    Oscillator frequency is not critical, I used 50KHz.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,
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