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Running 24v led lights through a dimmer. Help!

Discussion in 'LEDs and Optoelectronics' started by BayerBalls, Jul 23, 2017.

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  1. BayerBalls


    Jul 23, 2017
    Hey everyone,

    First time post. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    I am attempting to run some led lights purchased on eBay, through a dimmer. Lights and dimmer are both 24v.

    I feel like everything has been done correctly but the lights just turn on as usual and the dimmer does nothing.

    I also tried with a 12v dimmer and same result. The only thing I think it could be is maybe the wire was cut on the wrong side of the transformer?

    Pics are attached. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

    IMG_2502.JPG IMG_2503.JPG
  2. Bluejets


    Oct 5, 2014
    What is the device feeding the dimmer and do you have a link to the dimmer?
  3. kellys_eye


    Jun 25, 2010
    I hope the white plastic 'lump' in line with the cable is an AC-DC converter..... show us some details.

    If it's just a switch then you've blown the guts out of the dimmer!
  4. Alec_t


    Jul 7, 2015
    Are you poking mains voltage into a dimmer rated for 12-24VDC? :eek:
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