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Rubber Renue

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by R_LaCasse, Nov 7, 2004.

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  1. R_LaCasse

    R_LaCasse Guest

    Is Rubber Renue for DAT/VCR capstan/belt cleaning, the same as the spay
    stuff they use for tires and vinyl cleansing?

    Please email as well if possible!
    Triad Productions-Fantalla(c)~EZine~ParaNovel
    National Association of Assault Research
  2. Kim

    Kim Guest

    In a word.....NO!!!. If you use the spray stuff like Armour All, and other
    Vinyl/Rubber "Renewal" sprays for cars, all you will get is a VERY good
    looking, but VERY slippery belt that will no longer grip ANYTHING. You will
    have tape all over the inside of your equipment as it slides off of all of
    the guides, and your belts no longer are gripped by their wheels.
    Spend a bit more money and get a proper bottle of capstan renewal.
    Take it from me....I've tried
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