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Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by James F. Mayer, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. Any one know of a 6 meter FM repeater in the South Tampa area?
    Something simplex?
    I think that my RT-70A/GRC works right up to the last audio amp tube.
    It has a 1 khz signal (using a Tek 2465) there but no output to the ear
    piece after I provide an FM signal (8640b) at the proper frequency. When I
    get the 3B4 tube I have bid for on Ebay for, I'll know if I have a
    functioning FM 6 meter radio. I think the xmitside works but I need to find
    a local repeater to confirm that.
    Anyone had or has one that has or does does work?
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