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RS232 or 485 capable car alarm

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Aleksandar Kovacevic, Jan 30, 2005.

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  1. Anyone knows of a car alarm system that is capable to send the state of its
    sensors over the RS232 connection?

    I have programmable mobile GPS/GPRS system ( model: M10G) for
    truck fleet tracking and would like to expand it with alarm system. It
    already has 4 digital inputs, 4 10-bit ADC-s and 4 output 30V/1A solid state
    relays, but creating alarm system from scratch isn't effective and reliable.

  2. Interesting project.

    It looks like that unit also has 4 analog (0-5v) 'may' be able to rig something into maybe knock down the voltage of siren output on alarm (?)
  3. Yes, device can realy be used for many things. It even supports
    multithreading, it's more than just another little computer :) But,
    unfortunately number of inputs does not satisfy my needs. There are ways for
    me to know if the alarm system is activated, but I will need the information
    if it is armed also. This drives me crazy for last few days, Google has
    begun to realy suck :-/ Very difficult to find valuable information....
  4. you'd need to find an alarm that will give you voltage output on arming...i kinda doubt you'll find a car alarm that does that...but who knows. Some home alarms can give you relay closure on arm/disarm etc...

    rs232 on a car alarm...kinda doubt it...but who knows?
  5. GPS/GPRS module is as you can see on ( is very configurable
    device. It's price is about 450 euros for large quantities. Not much, when a
    person studies its capabilities.
    But... If I try to develop alarm system using only 4 digital inputs, 4 AD
    convertors and 4 relay outputs I couldn't come too far cause some of inputs
    are needed in other purposes. This leaves me with 2 choices.
    One - buying alarm with RS232 or RS485 port that can be used for monitoring
    sensors or...
    Two - using standard car alarm system with outputs to inform GPS/GPRS unit
    if it is armed, and if it is triggered.

    Chances are 99% that I'll use second option. Just have to decide between
    Cobra, Viper (Advanced) or Portman alarm. Any suggestions?

    Hardware total bill would be under 800 euros, and we have customers ready to
    pay between 1200-1500 euros. Ofcourse, this includes fleet management
    software for PC which is being developed at this moment. Also, the companies
    that install our system will acces informations through our gateway for
    monthly fee. SIM cards will be in our property. Systems like this already
    exist, true. But beside the price which ain't so different than our, the
    insurance company that we work for wants to have it's OWN monitoring system.
    "Test animal" has over 60 trucks and it is only one of the insurance house
    customers. They already have contract with external company for monitoring,
    but trucks are vanishing! Few months ago, a truck with over 1M euros in
    goods dissapeared. Good reason for starting own security company...
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