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RS232 / MAX232

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by sinner, Apr 8, 2005.

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  1. sinner

    sinner Guest

    I would like to interface my pc with a pic16F877A, first to program
    it using a bootloader, and later to send debugging info from the chip.

    The problem is, there are several chips to choose from at both mouser and
    digikey. The book I'm using only says MAX232, but there are MAX232N,
    MAX232CPE, MAX232EEPE, etc... and the datasheets are sort of misleading.
    One of them sounds like it converts TTL to RS232, not the other way
    around, which is what I need. I just want the vanilla chip... that won't
    blow up my serial port. Any help?
  2. loedown

    loedown Guest

    Have a look around Maxim website, the end letters stipulate which packages
    are available. They are sold as standard through hole, SOIC (SMD), mil spec
    and as die (silicon wafer).

  3. Use the MAX202 series. It uses a higher frequency charge pump and you only
    need 0.1 uF capacitors. Assuming you want DIP parts, get the MAX202CPE.
    Analog devices makes an equivalent, the ADM202JN.

    Good luck,

    John Musselman
  4. sinner

    sinner Guest

    Yeah, I'm looking for standard, dip parts, nothing fancy.... so MAX232CPE
    seems right... I'm ordering them now, crossing fingers, maybe exploding a
    laptop. :)
  5. loedown

    loedown Guest

    Ask for samples, they will send you 2 and it won't cost you anything, they
    are good like that

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