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RS232 Keypads?

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by plh, Sep 11, 2003.

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  1. plh

    plh Guest

    I have been looking for simple low cost Keypads w/RS-232 output. What are some
    good manufacturers? Looking on the Web I keep ending up at Amazon or Ebay, but I
    want to call up (someone who knows the product) before buying. I need to have at
    least 3 keys but more, say digits 0-9, would not hurt. Needs to have 9 pin
    serial output. (Or 24 but pref. 9. Or I could use an adapter it it came with a
    USB connector.)
    Use is for part of a Statistical Process Control system that is already set up
    w/RS-232. Presently this is set up for digital measuring instruments using the
    smart switch 232BBS4 from B&B Electronics (they don't have anything like I
    describe above, I asked.). In any case not all measurements are suited for
    micrometers or calipers, in some cases gage pins are used. The keypad would be a
    convenient way to capture the results. Machine operators would press one key for
    a good component, another for undersize, and another for oversize.
    I would greatly appreciate any leads.

    Thank You,
    Paul Hossfield
    Mahr/Federal Products Co.
    1144 Eddy St.
    Providence, RI 02940
    Phone: 401-784-3270
    Fax: 401-784-3461

    I keep hitting "Esc", but I'm still here!
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