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Rotel RCD-855 Fix

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by J.B. Wood, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. J.B. Wood

    J.B. Wood Guest

    Hello, all. I purchased the subject CDP about 20 years ago after
    reading a glowing review in stereophile mag. It has performed
    flawlessly until several days ago when it abruptly starting making some
    rattling noises and now refuses to read any CDs. An inserted disk spins
    for a few seconds then stops with a resulting steady red "error"
    indicator comes on and track number 1 not being displayed. Hitting the
    "play" or "scan" buttons will again cause the CD to spin but also
    doesn't bring up any tracks.

    Googling around a bit I found others had similar issues with the unit
    and my problem could be a dirty lens (doesn't seem likely), weak/failed
    laser or some other component(s). Most of the Google info was from
    about 10 years ago.

    Can anyone add anything further and does anyone know of a competent
    repair facility (preferably in the Wash DC metro area)? Thanks for your
    time and comment. Sincerely,
  2. Guest

    According to the service manual, this unit used a Philips CDM4 optics assembly. This may be an option for you. Shoot me am Email if you need the manual.

  3. J.B. Wood

    J.B. Wood Guest

    Thanks, Dan, and others for replying. I've got a .pdf of the service
    manual but I was hoping to hear from someone who actually has worked on
    this device or has had one recently put back into working order. Sincerely,
  4. Guest

    I have worked on these in the past. No major isues, just the typical typesof problems. If cleaning the lens doesn't resolve the problem, the replacements are still available and not too expensive either. Check the loadingmechanism if you see/hear noise during the spinup. If the load cycle is not completed, there will be some rubbing that will not allow the CD to spinup correctly. If not fast enough on the spin-up, the unit will report an error too.

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