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Root cause insight into the common BMW blower motor resistorfailures

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Bimmer Owner, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Bimmer Owner

    Bimmer Owner Guest

    I wasn't sure how to cross reference using that list.
    For example, it had only one BMW entry (camera module); and it did not have
    GKR or Sitronic or Valeo brands; nor the keywords FSU, nor FSR; but it did
    have things titled "blower motor controller), e.g.,

    FORD F50F-19E624 heater blower motor controller ('97 L. CONNIE) 1
  2. Bimmer Owner

    Bimmer Owner Guest

    Regarding cost, it seems we can get aftermarket parts for about $100;
    and the part at the BMW dealership cost about $175.

    Regarding repair, some have intimated that unpotting and resoldering
    is a solution.

    If that's true, then that might be a viable "fix".

    However, I must ask: If it works without potting, and especially if the
    potting is what's causing the problem, then what was the original purpose
    of the potting in the first place?
  3. jim beam

    jim beam Guest

    maybe it's similar, maybe it's not. the fact that each of the different
    unit manufacturers has different internals and that they've changed over
    time doesn't help you.
  4. jim beam

    jim beam Guest

    no???? really? are you /sure/ about that??? or doesn't sarcasm work
    for you???

    no, you're doing that.

    they're not my modules [again, you're not following the thread] and i
    wouldn't replace them - i'd pwm the motor instead.
  5. jim beam

    jim beam Guest

    dude, give up on that already. you'll never get good thermal contact
    second time around.
  6. jim beam

    jim beam Guest

    to keep the elements out. and the inquisitive.
  7. jim beam

    jim beam Guest

    and yet, some say that there can be increased reliability.


    btw, if you want /real/ reliability, you wire wrap.

  8. jim beam

    jim beam Guest

    that's bogus. unless there's been a MAJOR screw-up, potting compounds
    are carefully matched to the thermal and chemical application - they
    serve to increase reliability, not degrade it.
  9. tm

    tm Guest

    I am aware of that. It looks like it ties the two collectors together. But
    does it go to the contact that connects to the fuse? The main point is "do
    the collectors (center pin on transistor) connect to the 12 volt input to
    the module"?

  10. Nate Nagel

    Nate Nagel Guest

    On this one subject I have no doubt you have personal experience, unlike
    most of your posts.

  11. I've got ask- what was this motor used for?

    pumping station? mining equipment steel mill?
  12. Scott Dorsey

    Scott Dorsey Guest

    You could call it a sort of wind tunnel. Now obsolete, in great part due
    to computer modelling making analysis tools like that less important, and
    in great part due to computer modelling of the tools making it possible to
    make less turbulent tunnels.
  13. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Just to blow a lot of HOT AIR around, and it seems to work!

  14. jim beam

    jim beam Guest

    stop being so bent out of shape that you can't think straight old man -
    i didn't say it was better at any of those things. i said it was more
    reliable than solder. and it is.
  15. jim beam

    jim beam Guest

    ??? if it were my vehicle, i'd be able to find it out now, wouldn't i!!!

    whatever you say dude, but the fact is, i've done it before and i'd do
    it again.

    i didn't demand any such thing, i pointed out that if you did, since you
    were bragging about having done so much of it, you wouldn't be making
    everyone have to listen to you piss and moan. but here you still are,
    pissing and moaning since i guess it's so much easier, even for an
    expert like yourself.
  16. jim beam

    jim beam Guest

    wtf is eating your ass tonight? you're right that all those factors are
    relevant. that's why i said potting compounds are "carefully matched".

    as to moisture, you're attacking a straw man. i specifically didn't
    list every possible application detail because it's common knowledge to
    anyone doing that work. nobody specifies that any more than mechanical
    drawings specify conventional right-hand threading on fasteners. /all/
    fasteners are right hand threaded UNLESS left hand is specifically detailed.
  17. so there was an 80 year old giant windtunnel somewhere?
  18. AMuzi

    AMuzi Guest

  19. Nate Nagel

    Nate Nagel Guest

    well, 80 years ago would be 1933; definitely into the era of commercial
    flight, so it's entirely possible. Hell, the Germans might have been
    working on jet engines by that point, or at least thinking about them.

  20. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Let me offer you some good advice, put him on your black list so it
    won't eat you up. I only see him in replies now, like yours here because
    I have block him out of my reader.

    He's nothing but an old bickering dried up prone. In his younger
    years he most likely good off on little kids learning the field and made
    feel like he was something else when he offered any knowledge that he
    thought was useful to them. These days, the little kids have grown
    up and most likely found out that half the information he fed them was

    Don't worry about what he has to say, he's one of those that wants
    every one like you, to kiss is feet and say how much of a god he is.

    It should be obviously that will never happen from this end :)

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