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Rocker Switches

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Darren Harris, Aug 11, 2003.

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  1. Can anyone tell me a source for rocker switches?

    My lighted rocker switch somehow broke off of my 500 watt step-up
    converter. As a result I cannot turn it on, and my printer(HP 2100TN),
    which runs on 220V, needs it to work.

    The problem is that I can find rocker switches, but not one that will
    fit in the hole on the converter(which is 3/4" x 15/16").

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.

    Darren Harris
    Staten Island, New York.
  2. Make the hole bigger.
  3. That is not an option.


    Darren Harris
    Staten Island, New York.
  4. Greg Neill

    Greg Neill Guest

    - Make a new hole somewhere else.
    - Short the switch connections and add a new switch to the
    line cord.
    - Write the manufacturer.
  5. Ian Malcolm

    Ian Malcolm Guest

    So fit a smaller one on a plate to hold it. Use aluminium plate if the
    original case is metal and something like fibreglass or tufnol or ABS
    plastic if it isnt. Best scewed in place with some small self tappers but
    you could epoxy it.

    If that doesnt appeal to you, as its a lighted switch, it must be two pole
    almost certainly single throw and you've lost all the guts out of it.
    Solder two stubs o wire to bypass it, clean out all the grease, wash with
    solvent and pour in epoxy to insuate the front of it then plug in to the
    wall and switch on at the wall.

    If you still cant or dont want to get it going get out your check book
    and replace the whole converter.
  6. The little "box" that the switch came out of is a hard plastic. At the
    left side, there are two little contacts. One above the other.

    Are you saying that a lead should be soldered from one contact to the
    other, and then some sort of epoxy is to be put into the hole where
    the switch was?

    What gauge wire do I use?

    What kind of epoxy do I use?


    Darren Harris
    Staten Island, New York.

  7. Ian Malcolm

    Ian Malcolm Guest

    I suspect that you are confusing the rocker from the switch with the whole
    That little box is the switch, minus its rocker.
    No, you'd need to remove it, solder the wires to its terminals behind it
    and then put it back. You'd have to match the terminals in pairs
    correctly or *BANG* !FLASH! and the lights go out. Anyway I expected it to
    have 4 terminals (as is usual in a mains switch illuminated by a neon), If
    its only got two, I dont see how it could illuminate and if neither of us
    understand how it works dont mess with it.
    Same as whats connected to it allready.
    I strongly reccomend the last option or find an appliance repair shop.
  8. Since this has gotten so complicated thanks to my inability to find
    the correct switch, it looks as though I will have to try to find an
    appliance repair place.

    Thanks a lot.

    Darren Harris
    Staten ISland, New York.
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