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Riston PCBs

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by darkmoo, May 8, 2006.

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  1. darkmoo

    darkmoo Guest

    I'm currently in the process of getting all the equipment for developing
    my own pcb's.

    Just one question about the riston boards. I dont have a metal
    guillotine, probably use a hacksaw.

    I would like to cut out portions of unexposed board & keep for later
    projects as I would like to tackle one circuit at a time.
    Is it wise to do this, or better to wait to have a collection of circuits
    and expose the whole board.

    Also this will be my first time, so I would probably have to cut out a
    strip of undeveloped board anyways to test my exposure times.
  2. Leon

    Leon Guest

    I cut off pieces from a larger sheet as I need them, by scoring with a
    Stanley knife on both sides and snapping the material.

  3. Luhan

    Luhan Guest


    Here is how I do my boards...

    As far as cutting, I mark both sides then score both of them with a
    dremel cutoff wheel. Breaks really clean that way.

  4. samiam

    samiam Guest

    Also this will be my first time, so I would probably have to cut out a
    I use a paper cutter ... the ones with large/heavy levers/arms
    I cut .062 boards without problem
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