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ripped off by

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by JJ, May 5, 2004.

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  1. JJ

    JJ Guest

    Why would you be dumb enough to let someone debit you bank account?
  2. pete

    pete Guest

    I ordered one hundred dollars worth of parts from and
    after a week I didnt receive my parts. I looked at my bank account and
    my bank account wasnt debited for the order. Thinking they might have
    missed something I emailed ampwares. com and told them that my bank
    account wasnt debited for the order and I havent received my parts.
    The next day my account was debited so I thought that they would send
    the parts. After a week I still didnt receive the parts so, I tried to
    call but they dont answer their phone and their voice mail is full. I
    emailed them again and told them that my account was debited but I
    didnt receive the parts. I havent received any reply after several
    emails and phone calls. I have now turned it over to the Pennsylvania
    attourney general, I am hoping they bring up on fraud
    charges. If you have been ripped off by go to and file
    a complaint with the attourney general. If you havent ordered from dont. If you doubt me go to their website email them and
    see if you get a reply or phone them and see who you get.
  3. JJ

    JJ Guest

    He let them take it directly out of his bank account. Not a smart thing
    to do.
  4. IF they charged you with any form of a card, call the card provider and have
    the charges reversed.

    Cliff Harrison
    Ponderosa Sports
    6854 Hwy 55
    Horseshoe Bend, Idaho 83629
    Open 9am-6pm Thu-Sun
    Closed Mon-Wed
  5. My brother had the exact same problem with them.

    He cancelled the purchase by contacting his credit card provider
    and was in for a ride. They gave him a hard time as apparently
    they give more credit to the seller than the credit card owner...

    Took him a month to get his money back. The bank couldn't reach
    the seller either...My brother never got _any_ reply from the website
    before, or after the incident...Bad business...

    I just emailed him to make sure it was the same website as it did
    rang a bell here...

    Good luck, You'll need it.
  6. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    Bank will take 4-6 weeks to give the trader a chance to stump up proof of
    service, that's normal, not your brother being given a hard time. If they
    didn't even respond to the bank's queries it's probably why they ask for
    direct debit of accounts now.

  7. Tam/WB2TT

    Tam/WB2TT Guest

    Don't ever use a debit card, even if it has a credit option, anywhere except
    an ATM machine, a grocery store if you want cash back, or reputable local
    store if you have the merchandise in hand.

  8. Joe

    Joe Guest

    For guitar amp stuff I been using Mojo Music Supply
    Nice people, never a problem, better prices and they always answer the phone
    to do an order.
    When dealing with music people remember most are a bunch of "out of its"
    Most these garage and boiler room operations in Fla and Lala land (Ca) are
    just as shady as most the NYC discount camera stores.
    I recommend you talk to the guys on alt.guitar.amps

  9. Joe wrote...
    Be careful what you say, some of the NYC discount
    camera stores are honorable to an extreme degree.

    - Win

    (email: use hill_at_rowland-dot-org for now)
  10. Andy in NJ

    Andy in NJ Guest

    So, basically, you didn't get your stuff a week after you were charged and
    you're complaining?!

    Most online businesses tell you to give them 1 - 3 days to process the
    order - which means it may not be shipped for as many as 3 days after you
    place the order. They then have to actually ship the item, and taking in
    consideration the weekend, you shouldn't expect your item that quickly. If a
    few weeks go by and the items isn't there, then it's time to complain.
  11. Andy in NJ

    Andy in NJ Guest

    That's right, because the black helicopters might find you.

    Get real - Debit cards are a staple of today's society. I pay with my Debit
    card at lots of different places. It's much more convienent then having to
    go to the ATM or the bank for money. Plastic is the future of money. Accept
  12. Cliff is right. Because it was a debit (being used as MC/VISA I
    presume), I think the law limits your exposure to $50. That $50 is
    only for situations where there was exceptionally gross negligence,
    like tossing the card over the wall of a prison yard. In other cases,
    you can expect that you will get your money back. I also believe that
    your bank is required to issue a credit for the amount pending the
    investigation, but this may be true for credit cards only, I do not

    I do recall seeing a charge on my AT&T Universal card back in the
    early 1990's for $824.00 that came out of nowhere. Believe it or not,
    it took less than 1 minute 30 seconds on the phone to get it off. I
    simply said, "I don't know where this came from, it's not mine", and
    poof!!! It was gone.

    That's why I find it amusing when someone loses their credit/debit
    card and starts freaking out. If they had read the fine print, they
    would know that there is very little to worry about.

    -Chaud Lapin-
  13. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Well OK, I should have said the .com mail order only ones.
    Last year I called B_ discount photo for a Fuji S602 advertised for $359.99
    they said they have it in stock. I said Im around the corner will be right
    in to pick it up, the guy goes No No No we are mail order only $ 359 , this
    is the "international imported model"+ $150 for the warrantee + $35 shipping
    and handling, +$59 for formatted high speed 16 Meg media card
    card please.
    I laughed
    I called 2 other places one in Brooklyn and got the same guy answering on
    the phone "discount photo"

  14. Tam/WB2TT

    Tam/WB2TT Guest

    If I am ordering something off the web, or somebody else I don't know, I
    want to see the credit card bill, not just have it taken out of my account.
    That is why I have both kinds of cards. Also, the law about challanging a
    charge is different for credit cards and debit cards.

  15. Tam/WB2TT

    Tam/WB2TT Guest

    You can't go wrong with Adorama or B&H.

  16. Andy in NJ

    Andy in NJ Guest

    Hey, if you want to be inconvenienced by having to make a trip to the bank,
    go for it. I can see any transactions I do with my debit card the minute
    they happen. I can run down to the corner store, buy a gallon of milk, and
    come home and see the charge on my debit card online.

    One more advantage - no interest rates!
  17. Tam/WB2TT

    Tam/WB2TT Guest

    So can I. But it is easier to challenge a charge before you have already
    paid it. No interest on credit card if you pay up when it is due.

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