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RGB input colour problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jenny Talia, Dec 17, 2003.

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  1. Jenny Talia

    Jenny Talia Guest

    I have just bought a Daewoo Setpal Freeview box (Digital TV decoder for
    non-UK readers, think of it as a satellite or cable box) and when connected
    to my 5 year old JVC 29SX2 T.V. using a SCART input that takes RGB according
    to the manual the picture colour is messed up. That is to say white is
    yellow and blues are brown, general yellow cast to picture !.

    If I select composite output on the Daewoo box rather than RGB then the
    picture colour is fine via the same T.V. SCART input socket.

    Any ideas anyone, one of the boxes using a "non compliant" pinout so RGB is
    muddled up ???.

    Thanks for any ideas
  2. Most likely a damaged cable with the pin carrying the blue signal not
    working - try another scart cable or try reversing the cable.

    - Simon.
  3. QrizB

    QrizB Guest

    Is the "red" pin on your SCART lead bent or broken off? It sounds to
    me as though the "red" signal isn't getting through.
  4. Alan

    Alan Guest

    In message <brqi9u$jom$>, Jenny Talia
    When using the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) output and the blue output is
    missing the picture will have a yellow tinge

    The wire associated with the blue output may be open circuit or shorted
    to ground in the cable, or the plugs may not be properly mated. If you
    have another cable try that first

    which shows two copies of the same photo. the lower one has had the blue
    component removed.
  5. GM6TRS

    GM6TRS Guest

    I'll go along with Simon and say it's the blue.


  6. Digitalis

    Digitalis Guest

    (older than yours, btw :) ) Using the same scart lead I get a brilliant
    RGB pic from my dvd and s/vhs recorder, with the JVC the RGB pic was always
    rubbish. The JVC manual does warn that the RGB input might not work with
    devices, mine never worked with any!
  7. Nic

    Nic Guest

    I get a similar problem. It seems to be caused by my Panasonic TUCT30
    digibox. I have two DVD players linked up and going through it. I am
    getting a scart box for each RGB device (two DVD players and a DVD Recorder)
    and then go to the TV.

    It was working fine before I put the digibox into the setup. I think the
    scart socket is dodgy on RGB. Composite is fine.

    I got too much equipment in one place and going to the same TV which doesn't
  8. Alan

    Alan Guest

    Blue missing = Picture has yellow cast
    Red missing = Picture has blue cast
    Green missing = Picture has purple cast

    which now shows examples of all the above cases.
  9. Ian Molton

    Ian Molton Guest

    cyan, technically.
  10. QrizB

    QrizB Guest

    OK, it's a fair cop. It was late and I was tired ...

    .... blue it is.
  11. As a wild idea, try using another SCART lead. Make sure that it is fully
  12. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith Guest

    Find where the red,green and blue plug into the box,,,swap these leads
    to different conigerations.
  13. Anorak East

    Anorak East Guest

    Sounds to me like you've lost the Blue signal - check that pin on your SCART

    FYI Yellow is made up of R+G. White = R+G+B.
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