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RF simulation in spice

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Feb 18, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    Hi there,
    My group and I are currently working on a school project and are having
    some troubles. We can't currently find any models for the parts of a
    project that we are working on and were curious if it was possible to
    create the models based off of the datasheets? These are the parts
    that we are using and were unable to find any PSPICE models for. Any
    suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. Also if we were
    able to find models for some other program, besides PSPICE, would there
    be a way to convert those models over to something that PSPICE would
    recognize so that we can actually get some simulations done?

    FPGA - (*)Spartan 3,3E
    Frequency Source - Crystek CVCO45CL-0795-0825 .795-.825 GHz VCO
    (*)Maxim MAX2620 10MHz to 1050MHz RF Oscillator w/Buffered Outputs
    (-)Sirenza VCO190-1550T 1550-1600MHz Signal Source
    Mixer - (*)Linear Tech LT5511 High Signal Level Upconverting Mixer
    DACs - (*)LTC1666IG High Speed Current-output DAC
    I/Q Modulator - (*)Linear Tech LT5568 700MHz to 1050MHz High Linearity
    Direct Quadrature Modulator
    (*)Analog Devices AD8340 700MHz to 1000MHz RF Vector Modulator
    Amplifier(s) - (-)Sirenza SXA-389 (Z) 400-2500 MHz 1/4 W Medium Power
    GaAs HBT Amplifier with Active Bias Picosecond 5840A

    Voltage Regulator(s) - (*)LT1761 - 100mA, Low Noise, LDO Micropower
    Antenna - Skycross SMT-8TO25-M (-MA) 800 - 2500 MHz Ultra-Wideband

    Thanks for the help,

    David Damon
  2. Genome

    Genome Guest

    I am have same problem wiv model for cheesy puff pastry and gas oven but not
    have gmail account or akses to gugle groups.

    Fank you too

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