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RF Power Meter Help

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Michael Drainer, Jul 14, 2003.

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  1. I am in need of an RF power meter that will measure dBm in the UHF band in a
    6Mhz Block starting at 663.25Mhz. I am wanting to measure the power of UHF
    TV-46. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Wim Ton

    Wim Ton Guest

    I am in need of an RF power meter that will measure dBm in the UHF band in
    Maybe you can use a tuner-IF combination from an old TV or VCR and use the
    AGC output of the IF IC (after proper calibration of course) usually the two
    are located next to each other so you can cat them out as a nice compact

  3. Tweetldee

    Tweetldee Guest

    What you are looking for is a TV Field Strength Meter, which allows the user
    to tune to any TV channel and get a measurement of the signal level on that
    channel only. Some will even allow you to see the video and audio carrier
    levels separately. If you need one immediately, and don't mind paying, they
    are available from a number of manufacturers. Adelco, Sencore, and Leader
    are a few. Of course, you may be able to find one much cheaper on the
    surplus market, Ebay, or run WTB ads on some in some of the newsgroups.
    Tweetldee at att dot net (Just subsitute the appropriate characters in the

    Time is what keeps everything from happening all at once.
  4. Tim Shoppa

    Tim Shoppa Guest

    Call up the chief engineer of TV-46, and tell him: "I'll give you this
    nice barometer if you tell me the power of your TV station..."

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