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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Marc H.Popek, Mar 20, 2005.

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  1. Marc H.Popek

    Marc H.Popek Guest


    It's the season to make RF power amplifiers! For auction are several
    powerful transistors And
    An RF power module. The winning bidders for the RF power transistors will
    receive complete (scanned in email) copies of the original specifications,
    broadband test circuit, s-parameter details, and Power output/IMD
    performance graphs.. Everything you need to make significant power at HF,
    VHF, UHF and a wee bit higher as the Ft> 2.5 GC and typically > 3, Gc.

    Noise figure for these devices is impressive and enables a higher than
    normal dynamic range...

    ALL SED winner bidders will receive extra goodies in the package, and there
    is a Free Shipping option, as well.

    Here are the links;

    power module

    classic Motorola

    extreme ultra liner higher power TRW RF device

    ultra linear and lower noise trw rf power device
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