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RF interference

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Lydokane, Sep 26, 2003.

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  1. Lydokane

    Lydokane Guest

    I have a hard drive based MP3 player. It is designed for automobiles
    but with a transformer I can use it in the house or at work. The
    problem is it puts out a large amount of RF interference. When I am
    at home it isn't a big deal. When I am in the car or at work it
    becomes a problem. The player literally wipes out the entire FM band.
    Every station turns to static (actually you hear the wirring noise of
    the hard drive). I am sure it is ‘airborne' interference. If I am in
    the car and I pull up next to somebody, and their radio is loud
    enough, I can hear my interference from their radio. Naturally, it
    also affects my radio. At work it is even worse. I work in a
    factory, which is mainly a steel, and cinder block building. With the
    push of a button I can render every radio in the shop useless. I have
    been told not to bring it back, unless I want to be flogged, tarred
    and feathered.

    What could be causing the interference? I know the unit has a regular
    3.5" hard drive. I don't believe this could be the problem because we
    have several (about 12 or 15) computers on the shop floor that all use
    a 3.5" HDD. I know the unit has a eprom that is programmed to decode
    the MP3 files and I think it has a small processor. It doesn't run
    any kind of internal amp. Since it is designed for use in an
    automobile it is drawing 13-14 V and 3amps.

    What could I do to reduce/eliminate the interference?


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