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RF Getting Into The Mic

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Spin, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. Spin

    Spin Guest

    Since purchasing a tabletop usb condenser mic, listeners on a chat site tell
    me they are hearing severe intermittent "squealing & distortion". I am using
    headphones, no speakers connected to the computer so i can rule out audio
    feedback as the problem. I'm of the opinion that rf from the computer may be
    getting into my mic. The mic's usb plug does 'not' have a ferrite rf choke.
    Besides placing a choke on the above usb plug, i will also place a choke at
    the base of the mic. I will try to acquire ferrite chokes from a discarded
    vga monitor or purchase "snap-on" chokes from radio shack. Any suggestions,
    advice etc. would be appreciated. Thank You.
  2. Rough guess....
    Your mic is too far away, so the software is increasing the gain and
    can still pickup sound leakage from the earphones try a 5 € £ $
    headset, much more controlable, unless you are performing on line sex,
    when cable length becomes a problem
    Larkin said "If the people who put up buildings were as sloppy as most EE's and programmers, we'd all be camped out in
  3. oops,how did that sig get there?

  4. Spin

    Spin Guest

    I'm using a hi quality mic, "Marshall MXL .008". A headset mic does not have
    the audio characteristics of a condenser mic that has a 32mm. diameter
    element. Why do you bring "sex" into the equation? This is a decent
    question/answer newsgroup!
  5. <snip>
    In addition to the ferrite bead on the signal lead, a series resistor
    around 100 ohms (not fussy) to decouple the parasitics on the center
    conductor will possibly clear it up.

  6. I prefer U87's, but not that available with usb

    did a very quick search, and I could not find a appnote or data sheet,
    with any pertinent information on it, espcially about the cabling.

    any pointers?

    and nothing wrong with sex, apart from the excess breeding problem

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