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RF filter question

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by A E, Jul 24, 2003.

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  1. A E

    A E Guest

    I have a 50% square wave at 1.65V p-p into 50 ohms, 50MHz to 200MHz. Now, the
    first harmonic of the 50MHz is 150MHz.
    How do I design a filter that will give me a sine wave 50MHz to 200MHz, with 1dB
    flatness across the band, with at least +7dBm output? I was thinking of a low
    pass filter, but that was when the frequency was limited from 33 to 45 MHz, it
    was fairly easy to get a sine wave.
    The only thing I can see is to make several filters and switch them according to
    the frequency. I am not worried about the phase relationship between the square
    and sine. And I've used lots of equipment that 'thunks' when relays are being
    kicked in, so I know that using relays for things like this is not unheard of,
    but usually for attenuators.
    In case anyone is wondering, I'm recycling the clock oscillator from a PC
    motherboard and sticking it in a case.
    Look here for the basic, incomplete first try.

    I now have a few more MBs ready on the chopping block, and I have some Cypress
    chips that have more resolution than the winbond.

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