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RF - Beginner needs a book

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by old school, Feb 27, 2005.

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  1. old school

    old school Guest

    I am a PC computer technician by trade (and hobbyist, i.e gamer + hardware)
    , and recently I decided to expand my horizons by diving into the
    RadioFrequency arena (mainly in video CATV Distribution) (I also have some
    limited knowledge in electronics at the component level)

    I am training on the new job, about this whole RF scene, where major hotels
    offer inroom entertainment to guests. The job looks promising as this
    company seeks Field-Service-Reps to troubleshoot installations,
    involving modultators, RF mixbaskets, dB attenuation, amplification, Risers
    vs. Homeruns, Taps and Splitters Oh MY! all this is very new to me, and I
    find this field harder to grasp and understand than the computer field that
    I am already comfortable in.

    My question to all of you is, what books / sites / newsgroups should I visit
    to get myself up to speed in this world of RF stuff? All feedback is highly

    (30, Canada)
  2. padmow

    padmow Guest

    1. your need to be good at complex variable mathematics.

    2. after you study alot, you find that many phenomena can't be exactly
    figured out. like the radiation at the end of antenna.
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