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RF/antennas hands-on book

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Theo Markettos, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. I need to brush up my RF and antenna knowledge, which is always something
    that I've almost but not quite understood. I've got a few books on the
    subject (two by Kraus, Electromagnetics and Antennas, and another on RFIC
    design) but they're often dry academic tomes and it's hard to get a feel for
    the subject. I'd really like something along the lines of The Art of
    Electronics for RF. The AofE has a high-frequency chapter but it's a bit
    too brief (though I ought to go and reread it, it's been a while).

    Any recommendations for hands-on books that are relatively easy to read, to
    give an idea of practicalities as well as theory?

  2. Roy Lewallen

    Roy Lewallen Guest

    The ARRL Antenna Book.

    Among texts, King, Mimno, and Wing's _Transmission Lines, Antennas, and
    Wave Guides_ is one I find particularly clearly written. The Dover
    paperback edition (1965) can usually be found at a reasonable price.

    Roy Lewallen, W7EL
  3. Amateur radio, perhaps? In the UK look for publications by the Radio
    Society of Great Britain; or possibly some libraries and bookstores have
    the ARRL Handbooks.

  4. John Smith I

    John Smith I Guest

    On this, I have to admit, The ARRL Antenna Book is well done ... also,
    past editions of the ARRL handbooks can be had for a song in used book
    stores ... antenna design in amateur circles is rather stagnant, old
    literature can still be utilized.

  5. The Shadow

    The Shadow Guest

  6. Hmm... good idea. The university library only has ARRL and RSGB handbooks
    (which I think is things like current bands, callsigns etc) but I'll see if
    I can find some amateur radio books. A big stack of 1970s magazines looks
    to be coming my way too :)

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. art

    art Guest

    On the thread "why" I have mentioned a reference to electromagnetics
    and antennas,
    you might want to check it out via google.
  8. art

    art Guest

    Oooops, I meant to state the Gaussian static law thread.
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