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RF (Antenna) plumbing

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Don Y, Dec 31, 2011.

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  1. Don Y

    Don Y Guest

    Hi Joerg,
    They won't "support" anything. And, rely on other "members" for
    their strength -- e.g., the drywall spanning the gaps between
    the studs. In commercial environments, *all* of the associated
    framing is usually of a like kind (I've found tying them *to*
    a lumber framework greatly enhances their utility as the lumber
    doesn't have the same sort of give/flex that a purely metal
    framework does).

    They are also a PITA when it comes to stringing wire as any
    unprotected edges (i.e., cutouts) will shred insulation in short

    We had some metal 2x2's (!) that were well designed. A heavier
    gauge of metal, "curled" ("rounded under") edges, longitudinally
    ribbed, etc. Coupled with their smaller dimensions, they proved to
    be excellent to work with (as I said, relying on tin snips to trim
    things to size instead of running back and forth to the chop saw!)

    Unfortunately, I've not been able to locate a source for these,
    locally. :<
  2. Don Y

    Don Y Guest

    Hi Michael,

    Yeah, similar to the CATV "filters"...
    Yeah, that's what mine are. I suspect putting one on each
    "drop" plus one on each "feed" (ahead of the splitter) will
    prove to be a physical mess. Ill look into the other module
    you pointed out.

  3. Don Y

    Don Y Guest

    Hi Michael,

    I figured 10 dB upstream of the splitter -- to compensate for losses
    in the splitter. And, another ~10dB downstream to compensate for
    losses in the drop itself.

    But, if I can find those distribution amlifiers that will tolerate
    the environment, I think that a better solution (if only for the
    reduction in "cruft" that I will have to mount, connect, etc.)
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