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RF amp for HDTV

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Robert Murphy, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. I'm currently using a DVico HDTV tuner, it works really well most of the
    time. However, I'm in a shared block of flats with a dubious antennae

    Will putting an RF amp ontp the coax help things? I can't ( nor want to) put
    a masthead amp onto the aerial, but am unwilling to spend money to amplify
    an already OK signal.

    I live on the Goald Coast, nearest tx is Mt Tamborine.

  2. Pete

    Pete Guest

    Unfortunately, you didn't describe the problem you're trying to fix.
    If the signal is already OK, I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve.

  3. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    As Pete implied, your signal isn't the problem. When does the reception
    deteriorate? Time of day dependant? Weather dependant?


  4. Ah, sorry. I'm using a DVico USB model (they only have one) and FusionHDTV
    version 3.00.00 I know that sounds a bit like an early release, but the
    software's actually pretty good.

    It gives a 'percentage rating' of signal strength, derived from what I don't
    know. It doesn't seem to vary on weather, time of day etc but Channel 9 is
    consistently poor; being hdtv it'll stutter and stop, and is generally
    unwatchable. SBS (for example) is only a few 'percent' higher iin it's
    rating, but is picture perfect.

    So it seems that inadequate signal strength is the cause of the stuttering.
    AFAIK all the stations transnit from the same location (Mt Tamborine, being
    a big old extinct volcano in the area, good for putting transmission towers
    on) so I don't know why it affects only Channel 9.

    So, I was hoping that an RF amp would boost the signal strength enough to
    make things work properly. I've seen various distribution amps / splitters
    at Jaycar and DSE, but they seem like a bit of overkill; I'm only running
    one TV, so just need an amp, I'm guessing.

    Getting the landlord of the block of flats to alter whatever antenna
    arrangment is in place isn't really an option. I've tried the unit with a
    set of indooe UHF rabbit ears and get no signal at all.

    I can handle a soldering iron, but know well enough that RF circuits would
    be beyond my ability.

    Sorry for not being more clear in the first place, thanks for the replies.

  5. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Robert Murphy"

    ** An antenna booster from Jaycar or DSE costs $50.

    It may or may not help - only trying one will tell.

    The things you are unwilling or unable to do will very likely help.

    ............ Phil
  6. Psycho-boy

    Psycho-boy Guest

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