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Review of Basic Stamp Homework Board

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Eric R Snow, Jul 26, 2004.

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  1. Eric R Snow

    Eric R Snow Guest

    All who are interested in Basci Stamp microcontrollers,
    I bought one of the Homework board kits advertised in Nuts & Volts. I
    am pleased with the product. At the $80.00 sale price it's a good way
    to learn about the Basic Stamps. The only drawbacks so far are the
    lack of a power switch and too small resistors. I cut traces on the
    pcb and added a switch. I bought an assortment of resistors with
    larger diameter leads and better markings. I'm learning a lot about
    these devices and can hardly wait to use them in my machine shop for
    real money making uses. Not just as toys. They can be used as a PLC.
    Not as powerful as one from, say, Automation Direct, but the
    programming language is easier for me to understand. And the Basic
    Stamp modules will be easy for me to interface to some of the older
    CNC equipment in the shop. All the standard Disclaimers apply.
    Eric R Snow,
    E T Precision Machine
  2. Hi,

    I agree. I got one at (dare I say) Radio Shack last week for $79 + tax.
    I'm in the process of evaluating options for some signal
    processing/generation and this is a quick and convenient way to try out the
    technology. Ultimately, I suspect the Parallax solution will be too slow
    for my needs (being interpreted) and will probably move to the native
    Microchip PIC that the Parallax is based around.

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